Cinema Verite vs Direct Cinema

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who favors which of these traditions and why?

The Center for Advanced Media Studies Digital Capital Symposium

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Organized by Bernadette Wegenstein and the CAMS 2011-2012 fellows (Amrita Ibrahim,Angelika Rothhardt, and Johannes Schade)

March 13-14 2012 Gilman 50 & Mason Hall, The Johns Hopkins University

The DIGITAL CAPITAL symposium will bring the following pressing questions to the table: what is the economic model of digital capital? How does digital capital impact our social environments and habits-for instance, is facebook a playground or a factory? Is digital capital a means of strengthening the 1% or connecting the under-represented with such DIY engagements as crowd-funding? How does digital capital impact the way we visualize communication (digital aesthetics), the way we promote and negotiate identity (twitter, reddit, tumblr.), and the very phenomenology of human interactions (e.g., smodcasting)? Will a digitally-driven television that follows the logic of individualized, downloadable programming through VOD aggregators constitute an end to the idea of “tele-vision,” a medium that created the mythical opportunity of “seeing from afar” (German fernsehen), and of extending our own (culturally bound) vision? Finally, what new legalities are implied by digital capital, if users have the choice to access digital programming via subscription to digital distribution platforms, and are no longer bound to the idea of a pre-set programming that frames their media consumption?

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The Cosmetic Gaze: Body Modification and the Construction of Beauty

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Artist Talk

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Bernadette Wegenstein is giving an artist talk in Jimmy Joe Roche’s class on Baltimore Filmmakers March 7, 4:30-5:30pm in Gilman 75.