Cinema Verite vs Direct Cinema

Posted on February 22, 2012 2 Comments

who favors which of these traditions and why?

2 Responses to “Cinema Verite vs Direct Cinema”

  1. Anastasia Pierron says:

    I personally favor cinema verite, instead of direct cinema. Cinema verite focuses more on the communication between the director and subject(s), while direct cinema has is about location (ex: Grey Gardens or Shoah). I enjoy watching the real emotions that are being portrayed by the real actors. The fact that it is all happening in front of the camera, allows for it all to be quite accessible by the viewer.

  2. Ned says:

    While I appreciate the significance of verite I prefer direct cinema, especially the American style of movies like “Kennedy” and “Mooney vs. Fowle”. I mean that I enjoy these movies more, not that they are better. Part of the reason is that many verite movies are politically driven and I find that rhetorical style abrasive. I also think that movies that profile an event or character have more narrative power and are therefore more captivating.

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